A Chinese Movie About Super-Hilarious: God Of Gamblers II

This review will explore the sequel to the mandarin gambling movie about God of Gamblers II in more detail. The movie tells the story of the career and friendship of the gambling knight and the gambling god. God of Gamblers II is loaded with strong comedy elements. Not surprisingly, almost everyone who watches this film will definitely be intrigued by every scene .

This is natural because the director has collaborated with veteran comedy actor, Stephen Chow , to play Sing, the gambling angel. The presence of actor Stephen Chow is certainly a special attraction for the audience, especially those who like comedy films.

The joining of Stephen Chow seems to be a sign that this Mandarin film about gambling will become an action film full of comedy elements. It feels like this film looks balanced with the action shown by Andy Lau. 


This mandarin film about God of Gamblers II gambling tells a collaboration of two characters, namely Michael Chan (Andy Lau) and Sing (Stephen Chow). The storyline of this film shows Sing who is seen approaching Michael.

Sing himself has special abilities that are not shared by ordinary people. Sing’s telekinetic abilities are actually advantageous, it’s just that Sing also wants to have gambling skills.

Michael himself was actually learning another gambling skill that he had yet to get from his teacher, namely changing cards. Several times he tried, only twice he succeeded. His ability on this one is quite weak. 

Even though Michael often won various gambling games, he only got a small profit. The reason is, the teacher, who is none other than the king of gambling, asked him to donate 95% of his winnings to people in need. This means that Michael only gets 5% of the total wins he gets. 

A Meeting of the Knights and Angels of Gambling

After learning about the fame of the gambling knights, Sing then has the initiative to learn gambling skills from Michael. Together with his uncle, he met Michael and claimed to be Michael’s younger brother. He also tells Michael that he has a special ability in the form of telekinetic abilities which is very useful when playing gambling.

Sing then tells what are the advantages of having telekinetic abilities. One of them is being able to see all closed objects, including the dice that has been shuffled. Another example is that Sing can change the numbers and symbols on a poker card. Of course this is very interesting for Michael. 

Sing also tells Michael that he cannot use his telekinetic powers carelessly. This strength can be lost if he is used for things that are not good. Sing can also get a curse if his telekinetic powers are used for things that smell like nasty.

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The two gambling masters continued to collaborate even though there were many differences that they put aside, especially when they faced the bitter enemy of the king of gambling. Apparently this enemy had long wanted to get rid of the king of gambling and his two disciples.

Apparently the enemy held a grudge against the king of gambling because it was the king of gambling that caused this enemy to receive a prison sentence of 5 years. One strategy to lure the king of gambling is to approach two of his students and then challenge them to play gambling. 

If the two students of the gambling king lost, of course the king of gambling would be ashamed. This is the main objective of this enemy. He is also obsessed that if he succeeds in defeating two of the gambling king’s students, it means that he will be able to cheat all Asian gamblers. 

Comedy Elements Dominates In God Of Gamblers II

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From the beginning of the film to the end of the film, it is clear that this film presents a lot of funny Stephen Chow scenes. This comedian seems to dominate the scenes in this film. No wonder the entire film is humorous. 

Andy Lau, who plays the gambling knight here, also adds to the spice of comedy. The cuteness is very pronounced in the scene that shows the first meeting between the gambling knight and the gambling angel. He managed to reply to Stephen Chow’s hilarious action. There is also the presence of senior actor Ng Man-tat who can strengthen the comedy element in this film.

This film also spoils the audience with various action actions that still present funny movements and gestures. The director also certainly did not forget to show gambling tricks through the two main characters, the gambling knight and the gambling angel.

Through this film, we can see the two collaborating and complementing each other, where Sing often helps Michael when Michael goes through a difficult time against his rivals. In what way? Of course, by using his telekinetic abilities. 

How, how exciting isn’t it? For those of you who miss and want to rewatch the God of Gamblers II film, you can use the Youtube channel on your Smartphone or PC to watch it. Enjoy watching. 

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