Hong Kong Movie God Of Gamblers III Is Ready To Shake Your Stomach

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Hi, you 90s generation. There are so many happy things that we remember and experienced in the 90s. One of them is God of Gamblers III. You 90s generation certainly remember the Hong Kong film that had ‘invaded’ our TV stations. Call it the Boboho film. There are also vampire films that are hilarious as well as make us nervous but nervous (usually airing every Saturday at 09.30). And don’t forget the Hong Kong gambling film God of Gamblers, which aired into several sequels.

So, on this occasion, we who are also the 90s generation would like to invite you 90s generation to reminisce for a moment with a brief review of the Hong Kong gambling film, God of Glambers III : Back to Shanghai. Why was this film chosen? Because this film is a sequel to the God of Gamblers film which is super hilarious in addition to the previous sequels. Instead of being curious, let’s just go ahead and share a synopsis or summary of the storyline. 

This Hong Kong gambling film was very unique in its time because there were rarely 90s mandarin films with the theme of time travel . God of Gamblers III is a pioneer because the core of the storyline takes the main character, Sing, to the past, namely Shanghai in 1973. 

The idea of ​​a story like this is of course very interesting because the audience is presented with two different time and place settings. Audiences also have a new picture of the city of Shanghai around the 1970s. 

The social conditions at that time were certainly different, where in the 70s there were probably still many social conflicts due to the struggle for territory. There is also the threat of a number of gangsters who control the city of Shanghai. The economic portrait of the city of Shanghai is also very clearly depicted where there are still many areas that look slum and full of poor people. 

Sinopsis Film Judi Hongkong: God of Gamblers III Back to Shanghai

source: mydramalist.com

This Hong Kong gambling film tells the life journey of Sing, the gambling angel. Sing (Stephen Chow), in this God of Gamblers III film, became popular after he succeeded in winning gambling against one of the bitter enemies of the king of gambling (Sing teacher). 

In the previous sequel, Sing collaborated with the gambling knight named Michael Chan (Andy Lau). Both of them have different gambling skills. Sing with his telekinetic abilities and Michael with his gambling skills together defeat the toughest enemy of the king of gambling

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Back to the synopsis of the film God of Gamblers III. Sing suddenly gets an attack from a group of strangers who apparently also have telekinetic abilities. They then sent Sing to the past, to be precise to the city of Shanghai in 1973. This was an important year for the Sing family’s ancestors. Therefore, Sing had to do everything in his power to bring about an impact that would not affect the Sing family’s destiny both in the present and in the future. 

Then, Sing meets a man who is very similar to his uncle (Ng Man-tat). Apparently this man was Sing’s grandfather when he was young. The grandfather, Chow Tai-fook, at this time was just a man who sold bread and a young man who was often heartbroken. Within a week, he could break his heart 30 times. Because his heart was broken too often, his uncle wanted to commit suicide by hanging himself.

Sing Meets His Grandfather, Chow Tai-fook

source: easternminute.com

At that instant, Sing saved his grandfather from his stupid actions. At the same time, there were two fighting camps near them. The two camps are the group dressed in red and the group dressed in black. It so happened that the clothes worn by Sing and his uncle were black. As a result, the two of them were immediately attacked by the group in red. 

When the two of them panicked because they were about to be attacked by the men in red, a group of men dressed in black arrived and managed to block the gang in red. They think Sing and his uncle are gang mates because they both wear black clothes.

Apparently this gangster in black is a gambling mafia and businessman whose casino business is bankrupt. Sing and the uncle then received an offer to come to their boss’s casino.

In this casino, Sing shows off his gambling skills. Of course with his telekinesis ability. It didn’t take long, Sing was back to enliven the casino. There are many gambling lovers who come to this casino. They seemed challenged to want to try Sing’s gambling skills. 

One of the groups that came to this casino was a group of Japanese people who also invited someone who had the same telekinetic ability as Sing. This man has the ability to see through and read the minds of others. 

What will the ending look like? You can find out the full storyline by watching this Hong Kong gambling film through the Youtube channel. You will definitely be entertained. 

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