The Film God Of Gamblers IV Showcases Chow Yun Fat Talent

You lovers of the sequel to the God of Gamblers film, of course will find a significant difference in the last sequel of this gambling-themed film. God of Gamblers IV: From Vegas to Macau is more about action than comedy. This point is what differentiates it from the previous 2 sequels.

As lovers of the God of Gamblers film, of course we all know that the second and third sequels are so thick with comedy elements. This is not surprising because the film presents an actor who is well known as an actor specializing in comedy films, Stephen Chow. 

Still around the two sequels before the fourth God of Gamblers series, Andy Lau’s acting skills also look stunning. He managed to bring the character Michael very well. Even cooler, an Andy Lau who is identical as a handsome actor who usually carries the character’s temperament is calm, serious, and romantic, changes drastically in these two films. 


Andy Lau was able to compensate for the cuteness delivered by Stephen Chow. In essence, these two are really great collaborations for the film God of Gamblers II. Both of them were also able to present action actions that made the audience even more tense. 

The comedy treats that previously existed in the sequel to the fourth God of Gamblers film are almost non-existent. Maybe the director wanted to present something different. If you have watched this fourth sequel film, you might conclude that this film is a drama-action genre film. 


Most of the storyline revolves around the life of a post-retirement gambling king. The king of gambling, who at that time was still played by Chow Yun Fat, is said to be living a normal, very calm life with his only daughter, Charlie (Sammy Sum). 

The problem then arises after an officer from Interpol asks for his help to arrest Mr. Ko (Philip Ng), a mafia, con artist, and big criminal who was very powerful at that time. The real Ken is a spy from Interpol and he disguises himself as Mr. Ko.

Ken’s job is to find evidence of Mr. crime. Ko. Unfortunately, after copying all the crime evidence files Mr. Ko, Ken was caught and immediately hunted by Mr.’s men. Really. Apparently Ken kept evidence of Ken’s boss’s crimes inside

There is a scene where Ken keeps a flash disk containing evidence of his former boss’s crimes in a doll belonging to his step sister. And unfortunately, the doll has changed hands to Charlie, the beautiful daughter of the king of gambling. 

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Not long after, Mr.’s men. Ko visited the residence of the gambling king. There was a great duel between the king of gambling and some of Mr.’s men. Ko. In this scene, it appears that the king of gambling has finally stepped in to help Interpol. 

God of Gamblers IV Murni Film Bergenre Action

Based on the storyline, it is clear that this God of Gamblers IV gambling film is purely an action film. This means that almost all scenes show slick action action involving all the characters in the film. For those of you who like action Mandarin films, this fourth sequel to God of Gamblers is a good recommendation.

Moreover, there are several actors who enliven this film. Chow Yun Fat, as the main character, for example, really brings out his best acting skills. Evidently he has played dozens of roles, both for romantic films to action films. 

Two other young actors, namely Chapman To and Nicholas Tse, became Chow Yun Fat’s partners in this film. Although they are still young and relatively new, both of them are quite good at playing the two central characters in this film. 

God of Gamblers IV From Vegas to Macau also features a different atmosphere and setting. Since this sequel was released 25 years after the first sequel film, the director presents a 2014 setting and atmosphere. In the film, you can see the atmosphere of a super grand casino complete with much more modern gambling machines. 

Chow Yun Fat’s physical appearance also looks different in this film. He looks stylish with his neat hair. He was also seen wearing a navy blue tuxedo suit, white shirt, and black bow tie. 

Chow Yun Fat’s opponent, Nicholas Tse (role as Show Hand) is equally handsome. He is really charming with eyeglass accessories, black suit, and black shirt. His young age certainly makes him look fresher. 

For those of you who haven’t watched this film, you can access the Youtube channel to watch it in full. There are also subtitles in Indonesian too. 

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