Mandarin Movie God Of Gamblers: The Review

You 90s generation are certainly very familiar with this mandarin gambling film God of Gamblers. Maybe you were still kids when this film started airing on our TV station. This film itself was first released in 1989 and has several sequels in 1990, 1991 and 1994. Each sequel also has a different story highlight . 

The sequel to the God of Gamblers film

god of gamblers

As the best-selling mandarin gambling film in China and in several countries in Asia, God of Gamblers was made into several sequels. The first film, God of Gamblers itself, is a very slick opening film where the audience will be introduced to several characters who will later become the main characters in the sequels to the next film. 

In this God of Gamblers film, the director did not hesitate to bring in 3 famous actors who were currently on the rise. Call it Chow Yun Fat who plays Ken the King of Gambling, Andy Lau who plays Michael the Gambling Knight, and Stephen Chow the Gambling Angel. 

There is also a sequel or continuation of God of Gamblers which we know as God of Gamblers II which was released in 1990. A year later, a second sequel was released, namely God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai which was really hilarious. The last sequel, God of Gamblers Return, was released in 1994. 

Even though this mandarin gambling film is an old school movie, this film is still good to watch until now. Through these films, it seems that we will never get bored of watching Stephen Chow’s ridiculous acts and the acting skills of Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau. 

So, for those of you who want to recall or remember what the storyline of the God of Gamblers film is like, let’s look at the following synopsis.


This film tells the story of a King of Gambling named Ken (Chow Yun Fat). Ken is a very popular King of Gambling and a formidable opponent for most gambling players. Of course, he also has opponents who are equally great when it comes to gambling. One time, Ken had an accident, namely an accident that made him lose his memory.

Ken, who at that time was still suffering from memory loss, received help from a young man named Michael, played by the handsome actor, Andy Lau. The two later became friends. Ken even showed his gambling talent and this action received appreciation from Michael. Apparently, Ken’s talent and habit of eating chocolate did not disappear along with other memories.

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As time went by, Ken’s memory slowly recovered and Ken began to remember who he really was. However, he still hides his true identity from Michael. Michael himself doesn’t know who Ken really is. Ken always hides his identity as the king of gambling. That’s why not many people know the face of the king of gambling, including Michael. 

Ken felt devastated after knowing that his lover died because of the act of his former confidant. He then demanded revenge by inviting Michael, his best friend. After completing his grudge against the killer of his lover, Ken then accepts the challenge of a ‘duel’ gambling from one of his toughest rivals.

Well, this scene is the beginning to reveal Ken’s true identity. Starting from this scene , Michael began to gain knowledge of gambling from Ken. For example: various gambling tricks. Starting from this, Michael began to explore the world of gambling which eventually led Michael to become a Gambling Knight.

The God of Gamblers Film Excellence

The plus point that the most superior of this mandarin gambling film God of Gamblers is the acting ability of each actor, especially actor Chow Yun Fat. His role as the king of gambling required him to be shrewd in presenting various physical actions related to gambling. 

For example, in the scene shaking the dice in the dice gambling game. He looks so skilled and fast in rolling the dice. And the results of the shuffle are amazing to make us dumbfounded. The five dice are neatly arranged vertically with the same number of dice. Perfect.

Not to mention the great acting of another Chow Yun Fat. When he played poker gambling, for example. The strategy he uses is exactly the same as the strategy in real poker. 

Not to mention the action that shows the action of Chow Yun Fat’s fight which is superbly able to fight a group of people who are none other than his enemy’s subordinates. He was very agile in hitting, kicking, and even shooting his pistol bullets with precision. 

For those of you who are curious about the film, you can watch it again via streaming. You will definitely enjoy watching this film. Think of it as new entertainment during this difficult pandemic. As well as remind your childhood too. Enjoy watching and hope to be entertained. 

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