What is Lightning Roulette Game

What Is Lightning Roulette Game

Lightning Roulette game has released by game developer Evolution Gaming. Many people is questioning did it changed about a classic game like Roulette? The answer is Evolution Gaming continues to focus on innovative and realistic casino experiences online, with traditional casino games such as Roulette.

This unique Roulette type works with the well-known rules of regular Roulette, but contains a number of new surprises. Evolution Gaming has breathed new life into the old game of Roulette. The players have many chance to win fantastic multipliers. These ensure that your winnings in a game round can increase very quickly.


What makes Lightning Roulette Game Special

It calls Lightning Roulette a revolutionary game that will give your Live Casino experience extra shine. You can bet as you are used to with normal roulette, but with Lightning Roulette game you have a chance to win extra multipliers in addition to the standard winnings.

Each round, up to 5 Lucky Numbers can be designated on the wheel. Every turn Lightning Strikes occur in the game. These lightning bolts strike at one to five numbers, which are the Lucky Numbers from then on. Does the ball land on a number you have bet on and does it turn out to be a Lucky Number thanks to the lightning strike?

Then a multipliers takes effect and you can win as much as 50 to 500 times your stake. So this is even more interesting than the usual 1:37 payout ratio.

Is it Classic Games

As one of the larger companies in this market, Evolution Gaming is constantly researching the latest wishes and preferences of players in the field of online casino games. Creating a great looking live Roulette is fun, but how do you make your version stand out.

You do this by being distinctive and enriching the game with new elements that make the game of Roulette just that little bit more exciting.

Lightning Roulette Game : The Extras

Lightning Roulette is actually a combination of regular live Roulette with the special special effects and multipliers as we saw before with the game Dream Catcher (also from Evolution Gaming). 

This unique Roulette game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine which numbers are the Lucky Numbers per round of play. The Lucky Numbers add a new dimension to the still popular game of Roulette with multipliers from 50 to no less than 500 times.

Furthermore, Lightning Roulette game contains all the special features you would expect from a Live Roulette game: the atmosphere, the real roulette wheel, the live croupier and the full selection of roulette bets you can choose from.

Lightning Roulette Game : Fairness

You may wonder whether this Lightning Roulette game is reliable. The effects are nice but can of course be meant to distract the player or keep them in the game as long as possible. Does it make sense to play and try to win a Lucky Number if you always have to bet before the game selects the Lucky Numbers.

The game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to designate the Lucky Numbers. This is software that guarantees complete randomness in the gaming outcomes of casino games. This way the player knows for sure that he is not being ripped off by the casino, but that he has just as much chance of a multiplier or a win as any other player. 

The casino that offers the game on its site has no influence on this, so the game should yield similar results at every online casino. Checks of the RNG and outcomes of Lightning Roulette are carried out by regulators such as Nmi. This is a well-known gaming compliance and audit firm that has over 40 years of experience in the gaming industry. 

The NMi investigates whether the game functions properly and indeed produces random game outcomes, so that players (apart from the standard house edge) are not worse off than the casino.

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